Timing the Market Using ETFs

Navigating the world of ETFs can be challenging, even for seasoned investors. Our 5-part video series, led by market expert Marcus Padley, is designed to deepen your understanding and refine your approach.

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Series Breakdown

Get ready to dive into the essentials of ETF investing. Here's a glimpse of what each video will cover:

  • An Introduction to ETFs

Discover the fundamentals of exchange-traded funds and why they've become a popular choice for investors.

  • Active vs. Passive ETFs

Uncover the key differences between active and passive ETFs, and learn which type might best suit your investment strategy.

  • The Best ETFs to Watch

Get insights into some of the most promising ETFs on the market today, and understand what makes them stand out.

  • Learn More About ETFs

Find out where to access the best information and resources to stay informed and make smarter investment decisions.

  • Timing the Market With Marcus Today

Learn how Marcus Today utilises ETFs to time the market, and discover strategies you can implement to enhance your own investment approach.

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About Marcus Today

Marcus Padley is the author of the Marcus Today Stock Market Newsletter. Having spent 16 years in the UK as an institutional stockbroker, Marcus arrived in Australia in 1994 as a souvenir of his wife’s visit to London. He has spent the last 30 years in Australia, 4 of those as a stockbroker advising institutional fund managers, and for the last 26 years, private clients.

Since 1998, Marcus has developed and enhanced the Marcus Today product, which now offers a highly regarded newsletter subscription, stock market education, and funds management. Marcus Today calls it as it is, without agenda, puts subscribers first, and it has paid off for real people with real money. That’s what our testimonials tell us.

Marcus Padley, Author of the Marcus Today Stock Market Newsletter

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