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The 5 Types of Investors - Which One Are You?

Are you steering your financial future, or is it steering you? The road to success is not a one-size-fits-all route. It's a journey fraught with myths, one being that the stock market is the exclusive playground of high-stakes traders. This misconception has deterred many would-be investors from ever starting. But what if you discovered a roadmap tailored just for you?

Welcome to Marcus Today, where we shatter the stereotype of the one-dimensional investor. Using our innovative 5-colour spectrum, we guide you to discover your unique investor type. This isn’t about pigeonholing; it’s about empowerment. Once you understand your investing personality, the road ahead clears.

In our transformative 5-part video series, we dive into the traits and skill set of each investor type. Are you a 'Set & Forget' voyager, an 'Active Growth' chaser, a 'Day Trading' warrior, or someone who craves 'Steady Stability'? Perhaps you're a blend, a unique mix waiting to be discovered.

This series isn't just information; it's a revelation. It’s for the curious, the determined, and the diligent. It’s perfect for you.

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The Inspiration

An iconic personality generalisation is used in the famously popular book "Surrounded by Idiots", by Thomas Erikson. The book interestingly classifies personalities into colours. Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Each colour has its own traits, and once you have identified your colour, the book teaches you how to interact with the others. I am a red. Apparently I'm "fast paced, a risk taker, purposeful, driven, strong-willed, high energy, competitive and rational". I'm also "impatient, intolerant and overbearing". You get the idea. I find all the other colours so slow!

And so, we come to investors. After forty one years in the stock market, I can tell you there are different 'colours' of investor as well. I have generalised and identified five. Let’s take the lead from Thomas Erikson and call them, in order of risk tolerance: White, Green, Blue, Yellow and Red.

Over the course of this educational series, you must ask yourself: "What colour am I?" And in what percentages?

Work that out and investing becomes simple, your goals obvious, and you can stop wasting time absorbing everything, rather than what is relevant. In fact, if you adopt a colour for long enough, you will eventually work out that not only does every colour have its own 'modus operandi', it has its own list of stocks as well, and, as an active investor, you needn’t bother with the rest. What could be easier than that?

- Marcus Padley

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About Marcus Today

Marcus Padley is the author of the Marcus Today Stock Market Newsletter. Having spent 16 years in the UK as an institutional stockbroker, Marcus arrived in Australia in 1994 as a souvenir of his wife’s visit to London. He has spent the last 29 years in Australia, 4 of those as a stockbroker advising institutional fund managers, and for the last 25 years, private clients.

Since 1998, Marcus has developed and enhanced the Marcus Today product, which now offers a highly regarded newsletter subscription, stock market education, and funds management. Marcus Today calls it as it is, without agenda, puts subscribers first, and it has paid off for real people with real money. That’s what our testimonials tell us.

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